Fascism: Left-Wing or Right-Wing?

Imagine a political doctrine that espouses the following:

A minimum wage;

A strong progressive tax on capital;

A state law that sanctions an eight-hour workday for all workers;

The participation of workers’ representatives in the functions of industry commissions;

To show the same confidence in the labor unions (that prove to be technically and morally worthy) as is given to industry executives or public servants;

Reduction of the retirement age from 65 to 55.

The formation of a national council of experts for labor, for industry, for transportation, for the public health, for communications, etc.

Sounds like the platform of the modern Democrat Party, doesn’t it?  This is actually straight out of the Fascist Manifesto, published on June 6, 1919, in Benito Mussolini’s newspaper, Il Popolo d’Italia (“The People of Italy”).

Well then why do progressives insist that fascism is a right-wing, or republican, concept?  Put it this way:  it makes them look bad.  And it scares people into believing that any deviation to the right will result in death and destruction.  It’s fear mongering…which is a staple of democrat politics.  Because when you can’t garner support based on merit, then why not scare people into supporting you?  It also wouldn’t be good “optics” to align yourself with the founder of the Fascist Party, Benito Mussolini; so they rewrite history and paint him and fascism as right-wing.  But all you have to do to know for sure, is read the Fascist Manifesto!

If you still aren’t convinced, read what Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises had to say about Fascism in the epilogue to Socialism (and keep in mind that Von Mises lived to see the rise and fall of Fascism and Nazism):

“Nobody could pass Mussolini in Marxian zeal. He was the intransigent champion of the pure creed, the unyielding defender of the rights of the exploited proletarians, the eloquent prophet of socialist bliss to come.” He was introduced to Marxism by “Angelica Balabanoff, the daughter of a wealthy Russian landowner.” He created the Fascist Party after WWI, as an affront to international communism.

“The programme of the Fascists, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anti-capitalistic. The most radical (American) New Dealers and even communists could agree with it.”

“Fascism…began with a split in the ranks of Marxian socialism… Its economic programme was borrowed from German non-Marxian SOCIALISM… Its conduct of government affairs was a replica of Lenin’s dictatorship.”

No matter how hard the left wishes to pin fascism on the right, the facts just simply don’t support their assertion.


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