I didn’t “wake up” until 4-5 years ago, when I was in my early twenties.  I had believed the lies and indoctrination that I was subjected to beginning in elementary school.  In school, I “learned” that capitalism was a thing of the past, and that FDR was the greatest president ever.  I also learned about how important “social justice” was.  I even had a lesson on “white guilt” in high school that basically taught me that I should be ashamed of my race/heritage.  This is just a brief summary of the anti-Americanism I had been subjected to throughout my education.


I first took the “Red Pill” when a coworker introduced me to the Drudge Report.  At the time, I was working in the border security field.  At work, and in the news, I was told one thing.  Yet when I did my own homework, I began to see something entirely different was going on.  Upon reading the “hard truths” that Drudge highlighted, I began to seek out the truth regarding our nation’s history, politics, and affairs. 


I discovered that I had been lied to for most of my life.  From revisionist, anti-American history to the liberal state propaganda machine known as the mainstream media.  For a long time, I believed it all because we are taught to trust the government and the media.  After all, we’re on the same side, right?  Not at all.  It’s deeper than “left vs. right”.  It is becoming “the state vs. you”.  And the left, for the most part, is on the side of the state.  Big government and liberty do not work well together.


It is my hope that I can help others take the “Red Pill” and seek out the truth for themselves.  While it is difficult and emotional to realize that you’ve been fed lies and bullshit for most of your life, it is liberating to finally open your eyes and see the forest for the trees.


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